Midwest Ophthalmologic Symposium


In 1984, the David and Mary Seslen Endowment Fund helped establish the Retina Research & Development Foundation Visiting Professor Lecture Series.  For over the last 30 years, this venture has brought authorities in the field of ophthalmology to St. Louis for the purpose of educating local physicians.  Their topical discussions about recent clinical advances, cutting-edge ophthalmic research and advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease highlight the Midwest Ophthalmologic Symposium.

The Midwest Ophthalmologic Symposium for 2018 featuring The 35th Annual Visiting Professor Lecture Series was held on September 8th.  The keynote speaker for the event was SriviVas R. Sadda, MD, President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Doheny Eye Institute at UCLA.  He delivered the Seslen Visiting Professor lecture - Unlocking the Secrets of the Choroid: What Have We Learned from Advances in Imaging?

2018 Guest Speakers

SriviVas R. Sadda, MD
President and CSO of the Doheny Eye Institute at UCLA
Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH
Glaucoma Associates of Texas
Mort Smith, MD
Professor Emeritus,
Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences. Associate Dean Emeritus 
Washington University School of Medicine
OMIC Representatives
Commitee Member:
Gaurav K. Shah, MD

Risk Manager
Michelle Pineda, MBA

In addition to the Visiting Professor Lecture, Dr. Sadda provided a talk on Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Retinal Diagnosis and Management.

Dr. Grover presented lectures on three topics: GATT: A Novel Ab Interno Circumferential TrabeculotomyThe Episcleral Venous Fluid Wave: Intra-operative Evaluation of MIGS Outcomes and Corneal Hysteresis & Glaucoma Management: A New Glaucoma Vital Sign

The 2nd Most Effective Tool for Honing Your Diagnostic Skills is the CPC was the name of the presentation that Dr. Smith gave to the audience.

And the last talk of the conference, Lawsuits Alleging Failure to Diagnose Retinal Detachments was delivered by OMIC representatives, Dr. Shah and Ms. Pineda.

The 2019 Midwest
Symposium featuring the 36th Annual Visiting Professor Lecture
is scheduled for

September 7, 2019

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