The David and Mary Seslen Lecture
Since 1984, the David and Mary Seslen Endowment Fund has sponsored the Retina Research & Development Foundation's Visiting Professorship.  Although both David and Mary Seslen are deceased, RRDF is delighted that their descendants, members of the Jerome Seslen Family and the Donald Potashnick Family, attend the lecture annually.

For the past 30+ years, the Seslen Lecture has featured distinguished keynote speakers, whose expertise and knowledge are noted throughout the medical community. Their topical discussions about recent clinical advances, cutting-edge ophthalmic research and advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease highlight the Midwest Ophthalmologic Symposium.

Past Seslen Lecturers

2018: SriniVas R. Sadda, MD

2017: David M. Brown, MD, FACS

2016: Dean Eliott, MD

2015: Carl D. Regillo, MD

2014: Jay S. Duker, MD

2013: Richard F. Spaide, MD

2012: Harry W. Flynn, MD

2011: Antonio Capone, Jr., MD

2010: David H. Abramson, MD

2009: Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD

2008: Lloyd P. Aiello, MD, PhD

2007: Kirk H. Packo, MD

2006: Glenn J. Jaffe, MD
2005: Mark W. Johnston, MD

2004: Daniel F. Martin, MD

2003: Mark S. Humayun, MD

2002: Albert M. Maguire, MD

2001: Joan W. Miller, MD

2000: Emily Chew, MD;
         Robert P. Murphy, MD

1999: Michael T. Trese, MD

1998: Edwin M. Stone, MD, PhD

1997: Gary C. Brown, MD

1996: William R. Freeman, MD

1995: Brenda L. Gallie, MD

1994: George W. Blankenship, MD

1993: Jerry A. Shields, MD

1992: David H. Orth, MD

1991: Stanley Chang, MD

1990: Lee M. Jampol, MD

1989: Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, MD

1988: Francis A. L’Esperance, Jr., MD

1987: Brooks W. McCuen, II, MD

1986: Thomas M. Aaberg, MD

1985: Henry J. Kaplan, MD

1984: Stuart L. Fine, MD
The 36th Annual
David & Mary Seslen Visiting Professor Lecture
 will take place on Saturday,
September 7, 2019
at the Midwest Ophthtalmological Symposium.

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