First Year

The first year fellow is strongly encouraged to spend time in clinical and laboratory research. Although there is no block research time, ample opportunity exists for involvement with clinical and laboratory research projects. Fellows are encouraged to produce several manuscripts during each year of the fellowship including manuscripts involving clinical research and basic science research.

Specific responsibilities during the first year include but are not limited to: 1) proper systematic and ocular evaluation of all new patients referred to The Retina Institute  2) appropriate decision-making regarding the need for further ancillary testing, and appropriate referral to other subspecialties;  3) proper recommendation of therapy for the patient; 4) performing general pre-operative history and physicals for The Retina Institute patients; 5) scheduling patients for surgery as needed; 6) assisting in surgery.

The first and second year fellows are also expected to participate in teaching conferences, and expected to deliver lectures to medical students and residents, and conduct didactic sessions with the same. Weekly Surgical Conferences are held every Saturday morning with The Retina Institute physicians and must be attended.

Second Year

In the second year of the fellowship, the primary responsibility is to manage the surgical cases from each of the previously described services.  There will be expanded opportunities that allow for greater training and flexibility in managing complex medical and surgical cases.  The second year fellow assumes more responsibility for the management and treatment of complex vitreoretinal pathology.  The goal is to keep the senior fellow as primary surgeon to the extent of his or her ability.  The fellow is also expected to continue research started during the first year and to publish in peer-reviewed journals.

During the second half of the second year fellowship, fellows will be allowed to do a month-long elective rotation of their choice to enhance and augment their knowledge.  The Retina Institute will pay their salary during this time and assist with the logistics in regards to the away location.

The first and second year fellows are also expected to participate in weekly surgical conferences. Weekly surgical conferences are held every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. These are held at the The Retina Institute Administrative Office at 1600 S. Brentwood, Blvd., Suite 800, St. Louis, MO 63144.  Fellows are also encouraged to join a bi-weekly Sunday online medical case conference, and monthly journal club where recent and major articles pertaining to retina surgery, oncology, pediatric retina and uveitis are discussed.

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