News from The Retina Institute
After 29 years with the practice, Dr. Matthew A. Thomas, retired effective September 1, 2018.

When asked about what he will miss after retiring, he responded, "
I mourn the passing of my privileged relationship with thousands of patients who have trusted me and us with their vision and, in reality, their very lives-- with all their hopes and fears.  Vision is so precious that caring for it somehow creates an intimacy that is astonishing, almost undeserved. 

I have often said “I have THE BEST patients in the world!  For one thing, if they are not themselves kind, forgiving and patient….. they don’t put up with me and my faults (especially the eternities spent waiting to see me….!).”   I have been blessed with the opportunity (and I HOPE I have taken advantage of it!) to become a better human being by witnessing up close the courage, the patience, the gratitude for success and the humble acceptance of slow defeat, the nurturing support of loved ones across generations, and many more cardinal virtues that my patients model for me day after day after day.  I hope I can be as gracious when I face my own challenges.

There have been poorly disguised catches in my voice, some tears, some hugs (and I am sure more to come) as I have to say goodbye to co-workers and patients who have become my friends.  In the day-to-day rush to try to get through clinic (and in my own insecurities), I rarely express the affection and gratitude I truly feel for you all."

The staff and physicians of The Retina Institute wish Dr. Thomas all the best in his well-deserved retirement.

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